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“Chinese Culture and India-China cultural relations “

OCT 26th – 2022

Calligraphy by Mr. Tong Xintian-    印中文化 源远流长

Calligraphy by Mr. Tong Xintian-    印中文化 源远流长

Wishes from – Mr. Tong Xintian – President of Boao calligraphy and painters Association of China

Concept Note :

The main concept of this event organised by “XuFancheng Culture Study Center” is to provide a platform to those remarkable Individuals who are contributing in the Academic and Cultural fields. The Speakers selected are those achievers who have a better understanding of the cross-cultural relations between India and China. They have experienced both cultures and they are the Cultural Ambassadors. Their achievements are the building blocks that will help future generations enable to construct a sense of this beautiful world.These speakers are highly motivated, Ambitious, Talented, and most important they succeed.

Wishes from- Mr. Lan Yanling
President of Guiguzi Cultural Research Institute of China

Wishes from – Mr LuFei, Host of Henan Radio and TV Station

Theme – “Chinese culture and India-China cultural relations “.

Cultural and economic relations between India and China date back to ancient times. Intimate religious, cultural, and social relations existed between India and China for a period of nearly 1500 years (1st Century BC to 10th century AD). It is one of the major facts of the World’s Cultural History. These two Great civilizations had a major impact on shaping East Asia. It created the Asian mind a community of ideas, beliefs, and traditions. The contribution of these close associations between Indian and Chinese peoples in history over such a long period of time is important and this part of history should be retold for future generations. 

India-China cultural relations can be broadly divided into – People-to-people interactions, Historical contacts , Philosophical exchanges, Translations and Translators, Buddhism, Trade exchanges, Folk customs , Traditions, and Costumes & Lifestyle.



Dr. Zhu Xuan

Associate Research Fellow of Centre for Indian Studies, Shenzhen University. P.R China 


Dr. Sumedh Lokhande

Dr. Sumedh Lokhande

Assistant Professor at the School of Liberal Arts and Human Science at Auro University, Surat, Gujarat, India 

Email: sumedh.lokhande@aurouniversity.edu.in

Cataleya Han

Miss Cataleya Han

Chief Operations Officer at PeaceX and UN Volunteer, Sydney, Australia 

Email – cataleyahan1118@gmail.com,

Ms Sun Xianfeng

Miss Sun Feng

Founder of Zhengzhou Dragon and Phoenix Palace Huaxia Ancient Costume Photography studio, Manchester, UK 

Email : 234588858@qq.com

Ms Xu Hui

Miss Xu Hui

Lecturer at the School of Art&Design, Dalian Polytechnic University, and Ph.D. Student in Drama and Film Studies at Beijing Normal University

Email: 85787288@qq.com

Miss Sun Dan

Founder – Rainbow Planet, Practitioner of spiritual art & spiritual science; Promoter of Pantisocracy , Shanghai, China

Email: 125348687@qq.com

Miss Zhao Maoxiang

Ph.D student (Major in plant molecular biology and physiology) at Okayama University, Japan.

Email: zzcat18@gmail.com

Ms Yashi Dhariwal 

Miss Yashi Dhariwal 

Author, Political Analyst and Educator for Civil Service aspirants , Bangalore, India

Email :yashi.surana@gmail.com

Ms Sonali Dhanwani

Miss Sonali Dhanwani 

Yoga Faculty at Kanpur university and K.V IIT Kanpur , Uttar Pradesh, India


Mr. Mohammad Hashim

Mr. Mohammad Hashim

Final year Clinical medicine Undergraduate Student (MBBS) from Hubei University of Medicine,  Shiyan City, China 

Email – hashimchoudhary58@gmail.com

Venue :   Virtual scheduled Zoom meeting.

Time: Oct 26, 2022 

14:00 – 15:30 -PM, INDIAN TIME     16:30 – 18:00 PM, BEIJING TIME