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An interdisciplinary centre for cross-cultural studies concentrating on China studies, India-China cultural relations and, Eurasian culture studies. A forum for dialogue, respect, and understanding on the basis of culture with the aim of promoting humanity and unification.

NGO DARPAN Unique Id: PY/2020/0266479

REGD. No. – 694 of 2020 Book IV

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Inaugurated on Oct 26th 2020 – in presence of H.E Chinese Ambassador to India Sun Weidong, H.E Hon’ Chief Minister of Puducherry Sri V. Narayanasamy and Hon’ Minister of Tourism, Govt. of Puducherry Sri K.Lakshminarayanan. 

Marking the 111th Birth Anniversary of Prof XuFancheng and 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic and cultural relations between India and China.

XuFancheng was a scholar from China who is known as the translator of Nietche and Sri Aurobindo’s philosophical works. He introduced western and Indian philosophical works to China and other Chinese-speaking nations through his translations. He was also a poet and painter. Lived in Pondicherry for 27 years. 

The Great poets of India & China - Prof. XuFancheng and Mahakavi Bharatiyaar, India China cultural and people to people exchange

MISSION – Study and promote cultural harmony through an effective line of discourse and interaction.

VISION: Building a platform for connecting Global Youths and building solidarity through inter-cultural interactions.

Focus areas: Heritage, art, music, literature, history, education, tourism, architecture, cultural contacts, Cultural heritage, Youth culture, products of cultural identity, contemporary cultural relations, Role of culture in SDGs and P2P relations etc.


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