Forum on Chinese culture and India-China cultural relations – “Prospects of India-China cultural relation”

2nd Forum On Chinese Culture And India-China Cultural Relations

“ Prospects Of India-China Cultural Relation ”

DEC. 10th 2021

Occasion – 112th Birth anniversary of Prof. XuFancheng.

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Introductory speech in English by Mrs. Radha Srinivasagopalan and in Chinese by Miss Sun Xianfeng.

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Keynote speech – Hon’ K. Lakshminaryanan, Minister of Tourism, Govt of  Puducherry.

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Keynote speech: Hon!” Mr. Yang Shaocheng – Chief (DDG) Regional cooperation office of Yunnan Province

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Keynote speech:  Hon!”Mr. Yang Xibin – Director of Foreign affairs office of the People!s Government of Dali city, Yunnan.

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Keynote speech – Hon!” Mr. Zhuang Haibo – Deputy Director, Zhoushan People!s association for friendship with foreign countries, Zhoushan city, Zhejiang Province.

Bilingual Video on Prof XuFancheng, produced by XuFancheng Culture study center and LongFeng Palace . 

MOU signing ceremony between “XuFancheng culture study center” (representative – Dr. BikashKali Das) and “ LongFeng Palace ” ( representative – Mrs Sun Xianfeng).

Short speech – Mrs. Sun Xianfeng -Founder, LongFeng Palace ”

Seminar on "Chinese culture and India-China cultural relations" - Prospects Of India-China Cultural Relation ”​


  1. Acharya Dr. Shree Varma. Chairman – PCR AYURVEDA. Director- Heartfulness Institute.
  2. Prof. Zhang Rumei – Director for International Exchange and Cooperation Division of Dali University , Yunnan
  3. Prof. Ram Mohan Singh – Department of Physical Education and Sports, School of Humanities, Pondicherry University
  4. Mr Yu Qianchao – General Manager – Zhoushan Ningtai Ocean fisheries co. ltd . , Zhoushan , Zhejiang Province .
  5. Dr. Vidyaa Ramkumar – Chairperson , Crafts Council of Pondicherry
  6. Dr. Lin Yanmin – Deputy Director of institute of South Asian studies , Yunnan academy of social science.
  7. Ms. Cao Chenrui, Head of the Hindi Department, School of South & Southeast Asian Languages and Culture, Yunnan Minzu University
  8. Mr Gobidhan Murugaiyan – General Secretary – Pondicherry Youth Entrepreneurs network