XuFancheng Culture Study Center

Jan 16 , 2021 “XuFancheng culture study center” organised an event to enhance people to people exchange between the Chinese communities living in and around Pondicherry with the local peoples. The event aims to provide a platform to Chinese diaspora in South- India , to express their views and exchange culture.

The event focused on enhancing the China-India cross-cultural understanding. Cultural exchange between Chinese and Indian communities. It provided a platform for the Chinese diaspora in India, to express their views and exchange culture and develop a platform for India-China cultural exchange. Discuss culture and educational exchanges and Discuss on the fight against COVID-19, the post-COVID world, and new normals.

The event proceeded with the introduction of XuFancheng Culture study center by Dr. Das Bikash Kali -(克理) . Dr. Das gave a brief about their works and contributions in the field of India-China cultural relations and enhancing people to people relations between the two countries. He mentioned about developing a platform for youths and females interested in India-China cultural relations , through the study center . This center will require support from peoples and dedication from his team. Understanding the fact that both civilisations are very ancient and historically shares with each-other wisdom and culture , there is a huge scope in this area , and many things are possible to be accomplished. Dr. Das urges to everyone that cultural exchange will bring peace and prosperity in this world and cultural organisations should collaborate and help develop a better world in this post pandemic period .

 After his brief presentation and speech , everyone introduced themselves , there were total 24 participants which included peoples from India and China 

Next speech was delivered by Miss Deli Zhang , she shared her insights on Sri Aurobindo, the Mother and Xu Fancheng and their spiritual connections that is bringing together peoples from India and China . 

Miss Zhang is currently translating Kabir’s lyrical verse in Chinese language . She is a translator and a Chinese language teacher . She mentioned about the legacy of over 300 Chinese paintings of XuFancheng kept at Aurobindo Ashram .  She spoke about Chinese culture , the Yin and Yang theory and how  India-China is connected through the wisdoms of Sri Aurobindo .

 Next speech was delivered by Miss Satyamayee Pattnaik , she gave a description about her experiences in studying Chinese culture and language , she has a profound interests in Chinese culture. She mentions that this center will provide opportunity to many youths like her , who are interested in learning Chinese language and culture . Due to lack of opportunities in the field of India-China cultural relations , many Chinese language students do not get proper platform for showcasing their talents . 

 The last speech was delivered by Prof. Sehdev Kumar , he is a native of Punjab and is currently visiting Pondicherry. He was a former Professor at the University of Waterloo in Canada . Prof. Sehdev tells in brief about the history of India-China relations and its importance in developing the people to people relations . 

After the speech Mr Chun Xu and Miss Isha performs the Chinese tea culture ceremony . The ceremony provided an opportunity for everyone to share their wisdom . The event was concluded by distributing the book “ Essays in memory of XuFancheng ” and honouring the speakers and Tea masters .


SPEAKER 1 – Miss. Deli Zhang, born and grew up on a farm in Chongqing, Southwest China, where there are small hills and streams. She experienced an intimate connection with Mother Nature, its bounty, songs, colours, aromas and rhythms since very young. Later on, Deli went to towns, cities, mega-cities to study and work (as an English teacher, editor, translator, free-lancer, and did a few other odd jobs); she has travelled to a few places in China, Britain, Indonesia, Thailand, and South Africa. In 2014, she decided to finally embark on a “world-wide” travel and chose India as the first destination, without a travel plan. And guess what? She got her Indian name Anandi during that trip and landed in Mother’s hands, in Auroville. Anandi has been living and volunteering in Auroville for four years – in farming, gardening, organisation, translation, reading, teaching, offering therapies, attending learning & creative activities.

SPEAKER 2 – Dr. Sehdev Kumar is Professor Emeritus of Environmental Studies at the University of Waterloo in Canada. Historian of Science & Mystical Thought, he is author of many books including The Vision of Kabir; his latest book, 7000 Million Degrees of Freedom: One Earth, Seven BillionWorlds, is a fervent appeal for a new earth consciousness. He currently lives in the international spiritual community of Auroville in South India. He is a committed pacifist and promotes human unity in all its varied dimensions.

Mr. Chun Xu – Chun is a Chinese Aurovilian, who joined auroville in 2011.  he is very much interested in cultural exchange between China and India, as it serves an effective way of building bridges between the people of the 2 nations. he likes to share Chinese Wellbeing culture, traditional chinese fire cupping and moxibustion therapies and Chinese tea /food culture with Indian friends of-course he is also eager to know more about Indian Ayurvedic and Sita medicine, Indian temple culture ,Nadi astrology, and Indian languages.

Miss Satyamayee Pattnaik is presently pursuing post-graduation in East Asian Studies, from University of Delhi. She has done her graduation from Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education. She first studied Chinese and learnt about the history and cultural of China during her graduation. Fascinated with East Asian languages, history and culture, she decided to pursue her Master’s in East Asian Studies, to deepen her knowledge.